RARE TAPES – Volume 1

Date : 1970 à 1972 (voir détail ci-dessous)
Lieu : Divers
(voir détail ci-dessous)
Label : Inconnu
Support : 1 cd
Durée : 59:22 mn
Source : Divers
(voir détail ci-dessous)
Qualité sonore : (voir détail ci-dessous)

Liste des titres et sources (en anglais) :

1.Looking For Someone (7:12)
2.The Light (10:25)
3.Twilight Alehouse (6:13)
4.Harlequin (2:49)
5.Bye Bye Johnny (8:57)
6.Happy The Man (3:45)
7.Going Out To Get You (4:22)
8.One-Handed Drum Solo (2:53)
9.Can-Utility And The Coastliners (7:22)
10.Seven Stones (5:24)

1.Looking For Someone (February 22, 1970)
An early classic of the band, this song was never performed live after the Trespass tour. Taken from a BBC « live in the studio » recording, this is one of the earliest live Genesis recordings in known existance. Recorded in London, UK.

2.The Light (March 7, 1971)
The only known recording of this song, « The Light » would eventually develop into « Lillywhite Lilith, » as well as parts of « The Colony of Slippermen » from « The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. » This song was perhaps the first Genesis song to have lyrics written by Phil Collins. Recorded at the Woluve in LaFerme, Belgium.
Sound Quality : 6/10

3.Twilight Alehouse (February 26, 1972)
A early classic that was was written before Trespass (actually, a small bit can be heard on « From Genesis To Revelation ») this song was never officially released until the « Selling England By The Pound » period, despite being a staple of the early live set. Recorded at the Civic Hall in Dunstable, UK.
Sound Quality : 8/10

4.Harlequin (March 4, 1972)
Although not performed often, « Harlequin » was sometimes used to open Nursery Cryme tour shows (when « Happy The Man » was not). Recorded at the Technical College in Watford, UK.
Sound Quality : 6/10

5.Bye Bye Johnny (April 14, 1972)
One of the rare examples of Genesis performing songs before released on an album, « Bye Bye Johnny » is acutally an early version of the « Foxtrot » song « Can-Utility And The Coastliners. » Recorded at the Palasport in Pavia, Italy.
Sound Quality : 4/10

6.Happy The Man (April 18, 1972)
« Happy The Man » was another often-performed song that was never released on an album. This recording is one of the better quality recordings of Nursery Cryme tour shows. Recorded at the Piper Club in Rome, Italy.
Sound Quality : 5/10

7.Going Out To Get You (April 18, 1972)
Cut from « Trespass » to make room for « The Knife, » « Going Out To Get You » is another song written possibly as early as the « From Genesis To Revelation » period. However, unlike « Twilight Alehouse, » « Going Out To Get You » was only sparingly performed live by the band. Recorded at the Piper Club in Rome, Italy.
Sound Quality : 5/10

8.One-Handed Drum Solo (June 28, 1972)
Serving the same function as Peter’s now-famous stories, the One-Handed Drum Solo was a time-filler when instruments required tuning or repair. « …Phil Collins went to Russia to study under a famous spastic… » Recorded at the Town Hall in Watford, UK.
Sound Quality : 5/10

9.Can-Utility And The Coastliners (August 20, 1972)
« Can-Utility » was originally in the standard Foxtrot tour setlist, but it was dropped relatively early in the tour. Recorded at the Piper 2000 Club in Via Reggio, Italy.
Sound Quality : 7/10

10.Seven Stones (August 22, 1972)
During the band’s early years, one of the only areas that actually liked Genesis was Italy. Because of their loyalty to the band, Genesis often rewarded the Italian fans with some rare songs; this performance of « Seven Stones » is an example of this. This recently-uncovered recording (the complete song) was recorded at the Teatro Alcione in Genova, Italy.
Sound Quality : 7/10


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