RARE TAPES – Volume 4

Date : 1980 à 1984 (voir détail ci-dessous)
Lieu : Divers
(voir détail ci-dessous)
Label : Inconnu
Support : 1 cd
Durée : 54:12 mn
Source : Divers
(voir détail ci-dessous)
Qualité sonore : (voir détail ci-dessous)

Liste des titres et sources (en anglais) :

1.Back In N.Y.C. (4:53)
2.Me And Virgil (7:12)
3.Like It Or Not (5:14)
4.The Knife (4:12)
5.No Reply At All (5:59)
6.Paperlate (3:47)
7.Eleventh Earl Of Mar / Squonk / Firth Of Fifth (11:09)
8.Eleventh Earl Of Mar / Behind The Lines / Firth Of Fifth / Musical Box (11:46)

1.Back In N.Y.C. (June 29, 1980)
Although used to open some of the shows at the very beginning of the Duke Tour, « Back In N.Y.C. » was quickly dropped from the set. However, the band fittingly surprised the audience when they pulled this song out as the first encore at the second-to-last show of the Duke Tour. Recorded in (of course!) New York City, USA, at Madison Square Garden.
Sound Quality : 8/10

2.Me And Virgil (September 27, 1981)
Another rare example of a non-album song being performed live, Me and Virgil was only performed at the first two shows of the Abacab tour, in Spain. This recording is from the second show of the tour. Recorded at Velodromo Anoeta in San Sebastian, Spain.
Sound Quality : 6/10

3.Like It Or Not (November 30, 1981)
This recording is one of only two known live recording of Genesis performing « Like It Or Not. » Recorded at the Capital Center in Landover (outside Washington, D.C.), USA.
Sound Quality : 7/10

4.The Knife (December 23, 1981)
The most recent (excluding the reunion show) performance of this Genesis classic, this recording is from the last show of the Abacab tour. Recorded at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.
Sound Quality : 7/10

5.No Reply At All (Phenix Horns) (August 22, 1982)
While performed regularly on the Abacab tour, « No Reply At All » was performed only three times on the Three Sides Live Tour. However, all three performances featured the Phoenix horns, who played on the original version of the song. This recording is from the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York City, USA.

6.Paperlate (Phenix Horns) (August 22, 1982)
One of only 3 live performances of this song by Genesis, all of them with the Pheonix Horns, this song is from the same show as the previous track. Recorded at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York City, USA.
Sound Quality : 7/10

7.Eleventh Earl Of Mar / Squonk / Firth Of Fifth (October 11, 1983)
The Mama tour signified a new change for Genesis; for the first time, a medley of older songs was performed that did not have « In The Cage » (this medley was in addition to the « Cage » medley). The Mama tour also featured the most recent performances of « Squonk » (unless the rumours that it was performed on the Invisible Touch Tour are true…) This appears to be from the fifth show of the Mama tour, but the date is incorrect; the first show of the Mama tour was on November 6, 1983. This appears to likely be from November 10, 1983 instead (written 10-Nov-83 in European format). Assuming it is November 10, it was recorded at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, USA.
Sound Quality : 8/10

8.Eleventh Earl Of Mar / Behind The Lines / Firth Of Fifth / Musical Box (January 17, 1984)
Another of the « old songs medleys » from the Mama tour, this medley included « Behind The Lines » and « The Musical Box », which replaced « Squonk. » « Behind The Lines » was performed for only 8 shows before being replaced by « The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Recorded at McNichols Arena in Denver, USA.
Sound Quality : 8/10

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