Date : 04/07/1971
Lieu : Fillmore West, San Francisco
Label :
Ace Bootlegs Production
Support :2 cd
Durée :144:47 mn
Source : FM
Qualité sonore : 9/10

Liste des titres :

CD1 – 66:02

01. Incident At Neshabur (5:37)
02. Conquistador Rides Again (5:43)
03. You just don’t care (4:25)
04. Fried Neckbones (7:12)
05. Waiting (6:27)
06. Jam (9:36)
07. Gumbo (5:19)
08. Evil Ways (4:33)
09. Shades of time (8:39)
10. Jingo (5:14)
11. Persuasion (3:17)

CD2 – 78:47

1. Soul Sacriface (4:37)
2. Drums (7:23)
3. Soul Sacriface (4:28)
4. Batuka (4:05)
5. Jungle Strut (5:16)
6. In A Silent Way / It’s About That Time (7:50)
7. Bill Graham intro / Jam# 1 – Feel It Jam / Jam # 2 / Jam # 3 / I’ve Been Working It (44:21)
8. KSFX Aircheck (0:47)

Musiciens :

Carlos Santana: guitar
Greg Rolie: organ
David Brown: bass
Michael Shrieve: drums
Jose Chepito Areas: percussion
Mike Carabello: percussion
Thomas « Coke » Escovedo: percussion
Michael Bloomfield: guitar
John Cipollina: guitar
Vince Guaraldi: electric piano
Jack Cassady: bass
Bernard Purdie: drums
George Marsh: drums
Tower of Power Horn Section
Van Morrison: vocals, sax
Linda Tillery: vocals
Lydia Pense: vocals

Commentaire : J’ai de gros doutes sur l’exactitude de la date de ce concert car la « tracklist » ne correspond pas du tout aux concerts de cette période. Elle mélange des titres des concerts de 1968/69 avec d’autres issus du troisième album (donc de la période 1971)… Hypothèse : comme il s’agit du concert de cloture du Fillmore West, Santana propose un set un peu special avec, notamment, quelques boeufs avec d’autres musiciens.

Voici le commentaire trouvé sur un site de téléchargement (auteur inconnu) : « Here’s an okay recording of Santana and good recording of the Final Night Jams. Read on to learn why the Santana portion is just « okay. » This has been the most challenging upload I’ve ever attempted anywhere. I’ll spare you the details, but know that it was really a pita (and that ain’t no pocket bread!).
Just as a side note, while researching a CC for this upload, I learned that the Flamin’ Groovies also played on the first night. I’ve never seen that portion of the show torrented (but keep in mind I’m a newbie to trading/torrenting), and virtually never even referred to. Perhaps it was commercially released.
First Disclaimer: Regarding the source/lineage, the only information I have is was what is on the artwork. In fact, that has been the case for several of my other FWC uploads. However, in this case, the information is particularly difficult (for me) to discern. I asked my wife, who has younger eyes than mine, to review it and she concurs with my conclusion.
Second IMPORTANT disclaimer (this from db.etree): « hi all, much to everyone’s dismay, upon close comparison, the santana fillmore west 7/4/71 closing turns out to be a mix of shows. a portion is from the closing show and a lot of it is filled in from a winterland 69 fm show that circulated for a long time. santana was the only band that week in 71 that would not allow their set to be aired live. 2 songs were later released on the live lp and about another 30 min was broadcast in pieces later. they had no problem with the closing jam being aired since none of their material was performed. upon close listening, the mix and quality changes sometimes from song to song and the 2nd guitar of neal schon is only present on the real 71 tracks. some of the songs included on this set were actually dropped from the set list by this time. compare to other 71 shows and you’ll see what i mean. also, mother’s daughter isn’t really on this cd copy going around. i’m sure this will start some debate. this kind of thing always does. dave t. » So, the upshot of this is that the quality is not as good as my other uploads in this series. Sigh… »

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Bootleg n°679

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