Date : mai 1971
Lieu : Marquee Studios, Londres
Label : VPOX 3196

Support : 1 cd (mp3)
Durée : 31:50 mn
Source : Soundboard
Qualité sonore : 10/10

Liste des titres :

01 – Hypothesis Part One (15:30)
02 – Hypothesis Part Two (16:20)


Commentaire : Il s’agit d’un album enregistré par Vangelis mais jamais sorti légalement (ou du moins jamais sorti avec son accord). Voir détails ci-dessous (en anglais):

Hypothesis is a 1978 album by the Greek artist Vangelis. In May 1971 Vangelis had played several sessions in London’s Marquee Studios, joined for some of them by violinist Michel Ripoche, bass guitarist Brian Odgers (called Odger on the sleeve) and drummer Tony Oxley, the rhythm section of the famous Extrapolation recording released by John McLaughlin. Two albums’ worth of material had resulted from these sessions, but were unfinished and never intended for release. Nevertheless, in 1978 two albums duly appeared in shops, on the Affinity label (a subsidiary of Charly Records) Hypothesis and The Dragon. Vangelis subsequently took the label to court to have both LPs taken off the market.
Musically, the album can be considered to be Vangelis’ most idiosyncratic and unusual release, as it takes the form of an extended experiment in experimental Jazz or Jazz fusion.
The cover artwork for Hypothesis is by Angus McKie, and is merely a « borrowed » illustration he drew for a series of novels by SF author Brian Stableford, featuring the spacecraft Hooded Swan, mentioned in the books.

The first of the two illegally-released albums, Hypothesis was basically a free form jazz jam, featuring Vangelis, Michel Ripoche on violin (who later appeared on the China album), Brian Odger on bass guitar and Tony Oxley on drums. The album was recorded at Marquee Studios in London during May 1971, with the master tapes held by BYG. However, the album did not see release until 1978. As it turned out, Vangelis did not authorize the release of the album, and along with the other musicians, filed a suit against Charly Music Limited. The musicians won, and the album was quickly removed from the shelves. Or so I’ve heard. Apparently, nobody thought that the remaining stocks should be destroyed, as the LP and cassettes saw release in several different countries, with many copies easily found. Even today, it is recommended that buyers not pay large amounts of money for this or The Dragon ($10-$15+), as the UK and Italian issues should not be difficult to find. Issues from other countries should command a few more dollars, but if you look in dusty record bins throughout the world, I bet you can find this album for a very low price. As you probably have guessed, this album was never released on CD, so if you see one for sale on ebay, it is a homemade pirate and sourced from either the vinyl or cassette.

– Vangelis / keyboards
– Michel Ripoche / violin
– Brian Odger / bass
– Tony Oxley / drums

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