Date : 05/08/1985
Lieu : Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Label : Inconnu (Enlight remaster)

Support : 2 cd
Durée : 129:26 mn
Source : Soundboard
Qualité sonore : 9,5/10

Liste des titres :

CD1 – 62:43

01. Ride across the river (9:28)
02. Expresso love (6:39)
03. One world (4:57)
04. Romeo and Juliet (10:24)
05. Private investigations (8:00)
06. Sultans of swing (9:16)
07. Why worry (4:58)
08. Walk of life* (4:30)
09. Two young lovers (4:36)

CD2 – 66:38

01. Money for nothing (7:53)
02. Wild west end (8:24)
03. Tunnel of love (14:14)
04. Brothers in arms (8:28)
05. Solid rock (6:35)
06. Walk of life**# (4:15)
07. Tunnel of love (with band introduction)# (16:49)


* with the mysterieus Bas-Guitar riff during the « break down »
** without the mysterieus Bas-Guitar riff during the « break down »
# ripped from swinging pig TSP-CD-088-2 and speed corrected


Musiciens :

Mark Knopfler – vocals, guitar
Jack Sonni – guitar
John Illsey – bass, vocals
Guy Fletcher – keyboards, vocals
Alan Clark – keyboards, vocals
Terry Williams – drums
Chris White – saxophone, flute


Commentaire (Enlight note) :

FINALLY…… here it is, the SPEED CORRECTED version from one of Dire Straits best and famous 1985 soundboard USA bootleg concert.

Although there are some original silvers and other bootleg recordings from this show, none of them are running in the correct speed. They are all running too slow aprox. a semi tone (two half pitch steps). Except for the tracks “Brothers in Arms” and “ Solid Rock’’( from this date!!) these are running nearly a semi tone (two half pitch steps) too fast. An excellent soundboard recording like this deserves better. So I speed up the slow running tracks and speed down the fast running tracks. For this I used two bootlegs , not counting the bonus tracks, (read further) :

  • (1) mine original silver , Original Artist Recording, live and alive, dire straits live USA, imtrat: 920.013 cover, imt:900.069 cd1, imt:900.070 cd2, made in Germany, LC6711.
  • (2) Brothers in Cleveland

WHY two different bootlegs?

I used the imtrat original silver because imho it’s the best captured recording. The sound of this recording is clearer (you can hear the separate instruments and normal audience enthusiasm much better). And it has that mysterious bass guitar riff during the “walk of life” breakdown part (read further).
But the imtrat silver has some minors. “Expresso love” was placed on CD 2 (not following the set list) and because of that the transition from “ Ride across the river” to “ Expresso love » became a difficulty.
Also the imtrat was less complete comparing to the Brothers in Cleveland none original bootleg. And imtrat decided to edit out the band introduction during “tunnel of love” , professionally done to be honest and this version is in. (with the sound quality in mind) , but as a bonus I included the full “ Tunnel of love” version, with the band introduction , as a bonus taken and also speed corrected from mine original The swinging pig TSP-CD-088-2 silver.

So it became a mix from these two bootlegs to provide you the best sounding quality and keep it complete . And less but not least ……..its sounds the way it should be with the tracks speed corrected ….finally. Notice that “Brothers in Arms” and “ Solid Rock’’ are from this concert date , all other bootlegs from this date included these tracks from the Houston, Texas, USA, 17th August 1985 show. (Which is not allowed to up anyway because it’s a King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concert and owned by wolfgangsvault.com), or were left out.

OK what about that mysterious bass-guitar riff during “Walk of life”:

On the Original Artist Recording, live and alive, dire straits live USA, imtrat: 920.013 cover, imt:900.069 cd1, Germany, LC6711. Silver, you can clearly hear John Illsley playing a bass guitar riff during the “ Breakdown” part………it would not be that mysterious when I also can hear it on other bootlegs from that concert. And yes …they are identical….except for that bass riff. (Listen sample). A version without the bass riff is included as a bonus, ripped from mine swinging pig TSP-CD-088-2 silver and also speed corrected.



Disponible ici* :  http://www.guitars101.com/forums/f145/dire-straits-1985-08-05-cleveland-oh-sbd-flac-138206.html

*Assurez-vous que le téléchargement de ces fichiers ne contrevienne pas à la législation en vigueur.



Bootleg n°3142

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