Date : 16/01/1977
Lieu :
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, California

Label : Inconnu
Support : 2 cd
Durée : 123:40 mn
Source : Audience
Qualité sonore : 8,5/10

Liste des titres :

CD1 – 72:00

01. Terry Ellis Intro (0:51)
02. Quartet (2:53)
03. Wondr’ing Aloud (2:30)
04. Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day (3:39)
05. Jack-in-the-Green (3:45)
06. Thick As A Brick (14:04)
07. Songs From The Wood (6:22)
08. Instrumental – Drum solo (3:12)
09. To Cry You a Song (2:31)
10. A New Day Yesterday – Flute Solo (9:09)
11. Living In The Past – Thick As A Brick – A New Day Yesterday (reprise) – Intermission (3:35)
12. Velvet Green (6:57)
13. Hunting Girl (6:45)
14. Too Old To Rock-n-Roll (5:47)

CD2 – 51:40

15. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (3:04)
16. Minstrel In The Gallery (5:41)
17. Cross-Eyed Mary (3:47)
18. Aqualung (8:04)
19. Guitar Solo (3:26)
20. Wind Up (4:50)
21. Back-Door Angels – Wind Up (reprise) (7:37)
22. Locomotive Breath – Land of Hope and Glory – Back-Door Angels (reprise) (9:03)
23. Ian Sept 1977 Interview Australian TV (6:08)


Commentaire :

Voici en quoi a consisté l’ « upgradation »:

« 1. I cleaned the various dead spaces, cuts and drops -> the small cut in ANDY is a smoother transition
now -> some song endings where cut during the later part of the show, those are smoothed out too ->
there were a few spots of noticable digital clicks/errors that were present in my CDs so I think they were
part of the original source or transfer, not sure. I removed those nearly completely. The clapping sounds
LIKE digital noise so don’t be alarmed with that…its really wild how clear the claps are…and there is
no point trying to remove or diminish them so I did not…

2. The Terry Ellis intro needed a volume boost so I added about 3-4 dbs to it. The majority of tracks
10 & 11 were « muffled » – maybe tape age or someone in front of mics? From the beginning of track 10 to
about the midde of track 11. To « fix » that, I just bumped the volume up about 3dbs which seemed to help
greatly – the wav file definately looked like it was lower than the rest of the show and it surely sounded
that way.

3. I re-tracked songs 10-12 and 16-22, they were off and the splits not done very well. There is so much
banter in the show, I left it mostly as is was from the original CD boot otherwise.

4. The sound changed after Aqualung thru the remaining part of the show, a bit louder and brighter and a
lot more hiss. I actually think this part of the show is a diff generation maybe or there was NO noise reduction
used on it – when u compare to the rest of the show prior, its sounds like that part could have had noise
reduction applied in the original transfer – who knows. I listened to this part a lot and came to the conclusion
that it also ran slightly fast. I did the following to this section only -> ran hiss reduction which helped greatly
but it didn’t change the fidelity -> slowed it down by 3% -> applied some minor EQ (low end bump and a small cut to
the mids) – this got the sound a litte closer to the rest of the show but it still sounds noticably different, not
worse, just diff. I didn’t want to do too much here so I erred on the side of caution.

If you are burning to CDr, start disc 2 with track 13 (there is a tight fade at that point). »



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