Le père Noël sifflera trois fois (et il s’appelle toujours Thierry D.)

Date : 1979-2005
Lieu : Demos et raretés
Label :
Support : 4 cd
Durée : 315:59 mn
Source : Soundboard
Qualité sonore : 9 à 10/10

Liste des titres :

CD1 – 79:19

01. See The Children (Easy Cure) (3:11)
02. You’re So Happy (Easy Cure) (5:00)
03. Pillbox Tales (Demo) (2:26)
04. Desperate Journalist (Grinding Halt’ Demo) (2:41)
05. Cold Colours (Primary Demo) (3:51)
06. All Cats Are Grey (Violin Demo) (2:05)
07. Forever (Aka All I Have To Do Is Kill Her – Live In Paris, France On June 7th, 1982) (11:41)
08. Ariel (By Robert Smith For The Kid Jensen Radio Show 1982) (5:35)
09. Siamese Twins (Demos) (2:34)
10. Bird Mad Girl (Demos) (4:57)
11. Cats Like Cheese (Give Me It’ Demo) (3:40)
12. Perfect Murder (The Glove) (4:17)
13. Mr Alphabet Says (The Glove) (3:50)
14. Just One Kiss (Original 12 » Mix) (7:05)
15. The Lovecats (Original 12 » Mix) (4:36)
16. Close To Me (Original 12 » Mix) (6:23)
17. You Really Got Me (Live) (2:46)
18. Merry Christmas (Everyone Is Happy) (Live) (2:41)

CD2 – 77:46

01. I Want To Be A Tree (Tim Pope & The Cure) (3:38)
02. Do You Wanna Touch (Live) (7:49)
03. Hey You (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Lp Only) (2:22)
04. 0Japanese Dream (Picture Show’ Remix) (3:34)
05. Why Can’t I Be You (Extended Remix) (8:00)
06. Pirate Ships (Unused Joni Mitchell Cover From Elektra Records Birthday Cd Rubayait) (3:34)
07. A Letter To Elise (Demo Only 2 Track Us Cd5) (7:10)
08. Primary (Red Mix) (5:35)
09. Let’s Go To Bed (Milk Mix) (7:15)
10. Open (Fix Mix Us 2 Track Promo Cd) (6:55)
11. High (Trip Mix 12 » Clear Vinyl) (3:32)
12. Cloudberry (The Lost Wishes Sessions) (5:19)12
13. Off To Sleep (The Lost Wishes Sessions) (3:32)
14. Three Sisters (The Lost Wishes Sessions) (4:09)
15. Uyea Sound (The Lost Wishes Sessions) (5:22)

CD3 – 79:42

01. To The Sky (Resurrected Mix) (6:31)
02. Heart Attack (Unreleased) (2:40)
03. Old England (Unreleased) (6:14)
04. Sivvy (Demo Of ‘do The Unstuck’) (6:17)
05. A Sign From God (As Cogasm From ‘orgasmo’ Film) (4:49)
06. Numb (Demo) (3:42)
07. The Last Thing You Should Do (Live With David Bowie) (5:40)
08. Quicksand (Live With David Bowie) (4:41)
09. Yesterdays Gone (With Reeves Gabrel) (5:21)
10. Yesterdays Gone (Remix) (5:11)
11. Lost Flower (‘bloodflowers’ Outtake) (2:40)
12. Watching Me Fall (Underdog Mix) (7:46)
13. Spilt Milk (‘bloodflowers’ Outtake) (4:52)
14. Cut Here (From Greatest Hits Cd) (4:12)
15. Just Say Yes (Greatest Hits Cd) (3:33)
16. Just Say Yes (Acoustic) (3:29)
17. Don’t Believe A Word (Live Thin Lizzy Cover) (2:04)

CD4 – 79:12

01. Wrong Number (Single Only) (6:05)
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover) (3:45)
03. Da Hype (Junior Jack & Robert Smith) (6:40)
04. A Forest (Blank, Jones & Robert Smith) (8:38)
05. Perfect Blue Sky (Junkie Xl & Robert Smith) (4:12)
06. All Of This (Blink 182 & Robert Smith) (4:45)
07. Believe (Earl Slick & Robert Smith) (3:39)
08. Truth Goddness & Beauty (Asia Only ‘the Cure’ Cd) (4:19)
09. Going Nowhere (Asia Only ‘the Cure’ Cd) (3:30)
10. This Morning (End Of The World Cd5) (7:15)
11. Fake (End Of The World Cd5) (4:42)
12. Why Can’t I Be Me (Alt. End Cd5) (4:16)
13. Your God Is Fear (Alt. End Cd5) (5:06)
14. Truth Goodness & Beauty (Us Dvd Mix) (4:21)
15. Truth Is (Tweaker & Robert Smith) (4:00)
16. To Love Somebody (Billy Corgan & Robert Smith) (3:59)


Commentaire :  En 2004, le label Fiction Records (label officiel de Cure à cette époque) sortait une compilation en 4 disques intitulée « Join the Dots » regroupant tous les singles (faces A et B) du groupe ainsi qu’un certain nombre de raretés. Déception des hardcore fans : il manquait quand même pas mal de raretés. C’est pourquoi certains d’entre eux ont décidé de concocter cette compilation ironiquement intitulée « Not join the dots » et qui, sauf erreur de ma part, comporte tout ce que la compilation officielle avait laissée de côté.

Disponible ici (2 parties) :

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Pochette :

Bootleg n°3430

8 Commentaires

  1. Francis Drake

    I would like to buy this Not Join The Dots CD, do you have one for sale please?

    1. ace (Auteur de l'article)

      I don’t sell CDs (nor CD-Rs), sorry.

    2. D3RN

      contact me …

  2. iNteRfaCe

    You’re So Happy is actually an odd one out. It is indeed a curiosity, but not a Cure song. You can notice that the singing voice is not Robert’s.

    In the Bloodfowers era, the lyrics was made available on the band’s official website, however there is no known recording of the song itself, at least not by The Cure. The source of this only existing version is an unofficial 14CD set of Cure covers by various performers, called « Concise Pink Pig Atlas: The Whole Cure In The Mirror ». Whilst utilizing the lyrics of an unavailable Cure song, You’re So Happy is just imitating The Cure’s musical style.
    You can find the compilation on Discogs (You’re So Happy is the very last track).

  3. iNteRfaCe

    By the way, You’re So Happy was positioned as a Bloodflowers outtake in the lyrics section, so it is definitely not from the Easy Cure era.

  4. Ghislain

    So 70’s, so 80’s: Thank you so much for this !!!!
    It’s better than a back to the future movie : An actually slap coming from an inesperate era … just like a dream …..

  5. Juan

    Unfortunately, the archive from the second link is corrupt and is not working when trying to extract
    Could this be solved, please?
    all the best

    1. ace (Auteur de l'article)

      Links checked. Everything worked fine. Try again.


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