Date : 15/06/2010
Lieu : The Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Ca.
Label : Inconnu
Support : 2 cd
Durée : 135:24 mn
Source : Soundboard
Qualité sonore : 9/10

Liste des titres :

CD1 – 68:05

01 If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (4:37)
02 Band Introductions (0:56)
03 Englishman in New York (5:05)
04 Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic (4:34)
05 Roxanne (3:32)
06 Straight to My Heart (3:59)
07 When We Dance (6:00)
08 Banter re Russians (1:49)
09 Russians (5:02)
10 Banter re I Hung My Head (1:20)
11 I Hung My Head (5:43)
12 Shape of My Heart (4:54)
13 Banter re Why Should I Cry For You (1:07)
14 Why Should I Cry For You (6:15)
15 Whenever I Say Your Name (6:51)
16 Fields of Gold (3:32)
17 Next to You (2:49)

CD2 – 67:19

18 A Thousand Years (6:15)
19 Banter re Tomorrow We’ll See (2:26)
20 Tomorrow We’ll See (4:47)
21 Moon Over Bourbon Street (6:32)
22 Banter re The End of the Game (0:55)
23 The End of the Game (6:00)
24 You Will Be Ain True Love (3:49)
25 All That Would Envy (5:44)
26 Banter re Mad About You (0:43)
27 Mad About You (4:01)
28 King of Pain (5:38)
29 Every Breath You Take (5:54)
30 Desert Rose (5:06)
31 She’s Too Good For Me (3:15)
32 Fragile (4:29)
33 I Was Brought To My Senses (1:45)

Source: Composer / Date / Arranger

1.  If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (Sting 1993)^
2.  Band Introductions
3.  Englishman in New York (Sting 1987)*
4.  Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Sting)*
5.  Roxanne (Sting 1977)*
6.  Straight To My Heart(Sting 1987)***
7.  When We Dance (Sting) 1994)+
8.  Banter re Russians
9.  Russians (Sting 1997)*
10  Banter re I Hung My Head
11. I Hung MY Head (Sting 1996)^
12. Shape of My Heart (Sting 1993)***
13. Banter re Why Should I Cry For You
14. Why Should I Cry For You (Sting 1990)*
15. Whenever I Say Your Name (Sting 2003)*
16. Fields of Gold (Sting 1993)^
17. Next to You (Sting 1977)*
18. A Thousand Years (Sting 1999)^
19. Banter re Tomorrow We’ll See
20. Tomorrow We’ll See (Sting 1999)^ (With Chris Botti)
21. Moon Over Bourbon Street (Sting 1984)^^
22. Banter re End of the Game
23. End of the Game (Sting 1999)*** (with Chris Botti)
24. You Will Be My Ain True Love (Sting 2005)+
25. All Would Envy (Sting 1999)#
26  Banter re Mad About You
27. Mad About You (Sting 1990) ^^
28. King of Pain (Sting 1999)++
29. Every Breath You Take (Sting 1983)**
30. Desert Rose (Sting 1999)^^ (with Chris Botti)
31. She’s Too Good for Me (Sting 1993)*
32. Fragile (Sting 1987)*
33. I Was Brought To My Senses (Sting 1996) (Acapella)

TT: 2:16

^Arranged by David Hartley
*Arranged by Rob Mathes
+Arranged by Steven Mercurio
**Arranged by Vince Mendoza
***Arranged by Jorge Calandrelli
^^Arranged by Nicola Tescari
++Arranged by Robert Sadin and Daniel Barridge
#Arranged by Michael Legrand
^^Arranged by Bill Ross

Musiciens :

Sting, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Jo Lawry, vocals
Dominic Miller, Guitar
Ira Coleman, Bass
David Cossio, Percussion
Steven Mercurio, Conductor
Chris Botti, Trumpet, as noted
London Philharmonic Orchestra (45 pcs)


Commentaire : by Scooter

« In the Spring of 2009, Sting was approached to perform a concert of his songs
with the illustrious Chicago Symphony. He had never been asked to put together
an entire program of symphonic music.  Sting passed on the event, because putting
together a concert of that magnitude required help.

He sought and received his help from Dave Hartley, a pianist on many Sting albums.
The idea was re-arrange all the songs for orchestra.  The beat in an orchestra is
elusive, as there is no down beat, and little clue where the measures begin and end.
To provide guidance he selected world famous conductor Steven Mercurio which was
combined with a triple dose of percussion, from both orchestral percussion to a
drummer and a dedicated percussionist.  With that rhythmic backgroud, Mercurio
tethered eight arrangers to the 30 songs, including Dave Hartley, Rob Mathes,
Vince Mendoza, Jorge Calandrelli, Nicola Tescari, Robert Sadin and Daniel Barridge,
Michael Legrand, and Bill Ross.  Those arrangers added string quartets to many of
the arrangements.

To compliment the music, Sting engaged Art Director Robert Molnar who retained
five artists who put together an avant guard light show from three massive monitors
with drizzling forms of color and shape, like three giant lava lamps.  Each artist
was assigned various tracks to display their moving art. The light shows are accompanied
by special lighting as well. »

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